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“avaleaf is a german company that seeks to improve patient outcomes across europe, and thus improve people’s lives.”

avaleaf GmbH

’s Mission

avaleaf aims to become the preferred partner and leading platform for medical cannabis in Germany, and throughout Europe, by connecting producers, payers such as insurance companies or sick funds, healthcare professionals, and authorities to provide best possible medical cannabis solutions to patients in need. avaleaf aims to achieve this mission by:

  • Importing only from the leading quality cannabis producers worldwide, certified according to GMP standards
  • Partnering with German and European authorities to ensure smooth import and distribution
  • Collaborating with healthcare professionals (HCPs) and key opinion leaders to generate real life evidence and improve patient outcomes
  • Partnering with established research facilities to develop innovative cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals
  • Sharing information and fostering discussions between all stakeholders to offer cannabis solutions tailored to patient needs


“germany is poised to become the leader in the european medical cannabis market.”

Strtegic Rationale

In March 2017, the German government legalized medical cannabis, enabling full reimbursement by health insurance. Since then, the use of medical cannabis has increased significantly. In the eight years between November 2008 and March 2017, import licenses equivalent to a total of four metric tons have been granted.[1] Since then the situation has changed dramatically. In 2017, the number of patients using medical cannabis increased from several hundred to 35,000.[2] And an estimated 13 metric tons of medical cannabis was sold in Germany, a country of more than 82 million people. The market is expected to grow to 26 tons in 2018 and 40 tons in 2019. With the increased availability and use of oils, extracts, and cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals it is anticipated that up to 400,000 patients (equivalent to 0.5% of the German population) will benefit from medical cannabis in various forms within the next five to eight years.[3]

  1. Government response to 2017 inquiry (Kleine Anfrage) by “Die Linke” party
  3. avaleaf analysis

Medical Cannabis Market Growth – Germany 2017 to 2025 (In thousand patients)

At present, with the demand being much higher than the supply, many patients are not able to receive medical cannabis in time, and often only it is low quality. Stock outs are a common experience even for terminally ill patients.

After the first tender was reappraised due to legal actions, German authorities tendered out a slightly increased amount of 10.4 metric tons of medical cannabis for local production between 2020 and 2023. However, this will not improve the supply situation significantly, and the German healthcare system will have to heavily rely on cannabis imports for years to come.

With the expected growth of the cannabis market, additional importers and distributors are needed, especially taking into account that not all recently founded enterprises will continue their business operations, due to lack of business experience, financing, and/or lack of supply.

Why ?

  • Both avaleaf Founders have a proven track record as senior executives and business entrepreneurs, combining more than 40 years of experience in pharma/healthcare, investment management and international investor relations
  • avaleaf aims to improve patient outcomes by offering tailored solutions including flowers and extracts, followed by the development of cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals
  • avaleaf has established relationships with key stakeholders in Germany, including authorities, healthcare professionals, research facilities, hospitals, medical key opinion leaders, and payers
  • Unlike other importers in Germany, avaleaf will pursue a pharmaceutical company like approach with strong focus on R&D, accompanied by a field force (sales representatives), patient advocacy, and governmental affairs to help shape the medical environment
  • avaleaf will establish a platform for knowledge sharing and data gathering to enable producers growing the strains needed by HCPs/patients, and to gather data and provide feedback on patient outcomes in different indications
  • avaleaf is part of a network of licensed labs, warehouses, and distributors to flexibly react to increasing and changing demand in Germany as well as across Europe


“We have exciting news to share. Just a few more days… Please stay tuned.”

Dr. Sven Sauer


Dr. Sven Sauer


Sven’s focus at avaleaf is on regulatory affairs and marketing & sales, including outreach to authorities, payers, healthcare providers, and patients.

Sven has over 25 years of experience in pharma and healthcare with deep knowledge and understanding of the German and various other European healthcare systems. In 2011, he founded SVEN SAUER HEALTHCARE CONSULTING, which successfully provides services to the pharmaceutical and medical devices industry in Germany and Europe. Prior to that he held several senior executive roles with Eli Lilly in Germany, the US and across Europe; and he worked for McKinsey, consulting payers and pharma companies nationally and internationally. He started his medical career in neurology/neuroradiology, and gained legal experience in malpractice/physicians’ law.

Sven holds degrees in law from Mainz university, and medicine from Frankfurt university, and is fully licensed in both professions.

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